The services provided by the Bilgi Grubu

Software development

  • Cloud based software development by using Microservices architecture
  • Mentoring in software projects

Quality Management Consultancy

  • Developing quality management systems in IT/Software organizations
  • Applying various disparate standards (integrated standards)
  • Developing ISO 9001 based quality management systems
  • CMMi, ISO 33000 (Spice 15504) based software process improvement
  • Executing product (system/software) development processes in accordance with all (or customer selected) applicable international standards.
  • CMMi, or ISO 33000 (Spice 15504) certification
  • CMMi, or ISO 33000 (Spice 15504) based assessment

Business / software process improvement and re-engineering

  • Defining and improving business / software processes
  • Detecting and reporting the improvement points in guides, guidelines and regulations
  • Deriving high level functional requirements of software that supports the processes
  • Estimating the functional size of software that supports the processes
  • Developing the quality manuals
  • Developing process focused performance management systems

Software functional size measurement consultancy

  • Developing software functional size measurement and effort estimation models for organizations
  • Institutionalize functional size measurement and effort estimation

Independent technical assessment, verification and validation (Software/IT projects)

  • Performing independent verification of software requirements, design, project plan, test plan and test design documents and software source codes
  • Performing independent software acceptance testing

Software/IT system acquisition consultancy

  • Develop or improve acquisition processes
  • Define software and/or IT system requirements
  • Develop bidding specifications (technical specifications, selection criteria, etc.)
  • Supplier selection support and supplier tracking

Training services

  • Microservices and Cloud Based Software Development
  • Software Measurement
  • Software Size Measurement
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Requirements Analysis