Bilgi Grubu was initially established in 1999 as a company whose aim was to assist organizations which develop and/or acquire software. Currently we provide a wide range of services that support our customers in meeting their budget, schedule, and quality targets in their internal processes and technology products.

We provide companies acquiring information systems or sending bids the following services; elicitation of requirements during the bidding period and preparation of the technical specification document, selection of the supplier and tracking of the technical abilities and progress of the selected supplier.

Besides these software engineering related services, we provide consultancy and training services in process engineering, change management, assessment of software and IT infrastructure fields.

Bilgi Grubu consistently targets exceeding the expectations of its clients by ensuring the highest quality services. In order to reach this goal, Bilgi Grubu follows technological developments all over the world and in Turkey, plays an active role in both national and international research projects, and adapts new technologies in accordance with the requirements of the customers.